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3 Customizable Gift Ideas that Show You Care

3 Customizable Gift Ideas that Show You Care

 Summer is coming to an end; and, if you’re anything like me, the holidays seem to come faster and faster with each year that passes. That said, it’s time to start thinking of gift ideas for your loved ones. But, after all, we all have that one person that makes gift-giving feel impossible. What if you get them something they don't like? What if they already have everything? 


Here’s the good news: there are hundreds of gift ideas in today’s market that are customizable, making gift-giving a walk in the park. Whether you’re wracking your brain thinking of a new and innovative gift for mom, or you’re hunting down the ideal gift for your cherished colleague, customized items are a fun and easy way to put just the right amount of thought behind the wrapping paper. 


Nonetheless, it can be tough to narrow down the best personalized gifts out of the hundreds of available options in today’s online market. Keeping things creative while also speaking to their interests is the key to handing over a great gift. So, if you're running low on gift ideas and need to find something for even the most unique people in your life, we’ve conjured up a list of three all-encompassing, personalized gifts that even the pickiest people will love.


Without further ado, let’s jump in!


1. Explore the Anime Realm

 We have all imagined what we’d be like as anime characters. Now, your friends and family won’t have to wonder. With Animefy Me, anyone can become an anime character with the simple click of a button. Animefy Me allows you to order a customized anime portrait of your favorite image. Whether your loved one would prefer a shoulders-up or full-body portrait, Animefy Me curates creative and talented artists who will transform any image and fulfill the wildest of anime dreams. Turn your favorite person into anything you can imagine, from a ninja to a superhero. 

 Here’s how it works:

 Place an order with Animefy Me and describe how many people and/or animals will be included in the image. Then, choose between a full-body portrait or a head-and-shoulders only. Ask for a customized background or keep it simple with a solid color. Finally, upload up to seven reference images for the artists, explain your pose aspirations (i.e., clothing, facial expressions, etc.), and let the artists do the rest. 




2. Pokefy Their Pets

 Does your loved one have a pet or an animal that has stolen their heart? Anyone can enjoy a customized gift that resonates with their greatest joy and passion; that’s where PokePet comes in. PokePet offers hand-drawn images of pets, animals, and even people, transforming the best living creatures into personalized Pokemon characters. From metal cards to canvas prints, PokePet offers options for everyone. Fully customize your loved ones’ PokePet card with traits and details of their favorite animals, and you’re sure to be the best gift-giver for years to come. 

 Here’s how PokePet works:

 Upload up to four images of your friend’s pet for reference. Even upload more than one animal or person and allow PokePet artists to create a killer group PokePet card. Describe the pet's details, including its traits (i.e., species, attack name, weaknesses, etc.) and the preferred style of the card. Then, let the PokePet artists get to work, illustrating the perfect, unique image of your friend’s beloved pet. 




3. Liven Up Their Space

 Art and decorations are always a necessity for spicing up a home or office space. But, when it comes to gift-giving, it’s essential to know a person’s taste preferences before investing in an art piece they might not hang on the wall. Enter: Canvas Freaks. Canvas Freaks makes gifting art and décor a breeze with customizable canvas prints. Whether it’s an image you know they love or a work done by their favorite artist, Canvas Freaks has options for all. Not to mention their vast selection of personalized neon signs—a piece of art that can breathe air into any room. If your loved one appreciates a solid art piece, Canvas Freaks is here to deliver. 

 The Canvas Freaks way:

 Either shop Canvas Freaks’ wide selection of canvas prints, from pop culture art to gorgeous landscapes or hop on the site and upload a personal image. You can also decide from an already-designed neon sign or create one of your own, personalizing it to match your friend’s style and personality. Place your order and let the Canvas Freaks team of skilled experts transform your vision into a unique piece that is sure to take the cake this year.

 Bottom Line

Gift-giving can be a troublesome task. Fortunately, these three customizable gift ideas show that you care and can fit the bill for any occasion. Whether you want to give a sentimental present or surprise someone with an unexpected token of appreciation, we hope these options help make the decision a bit easier. What will you get for your friends or family this year?

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