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August 30, 2021

Canvas Freaks is very excited to announce that one of our very own artists, TANKUSS aka Alexander McWherter, is launching his very own website,!

Alexander McWherter, known on Canvas Freaks as Tankuss, has always wanted his art to be accessible to everyone. 

The young artist from Pennsylvania began experimenting with graphic design and photoshop just a few years ago. The first aspiring artist ever to be featured on our website, Tankuss was selling his work to a small community on Instagram when we approached him. 

Since then, his artwork has become some of the most popular in our storethanks to the support from his loyal fans on IG & Twitter.

In 2020,one of Tankuss's tweets featuring his artwork went viral. This tweet started a journey for Alex that would eventually lead to his dream come true, his very own website. 

After months of hard work and dedication, Alex is excited to announce that on September 7, 2021, TANKUSS.COM will launch. 

The website will bring his fans: 

  • New art 
  • New Mediums 
  • New Products
  • Tankuss Merch 

The CF team is so excited to support him on this new journey, and we know his loyal fans are too. 

Sign up on his website for exciting announcements and launch: Tankuss.Com 

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