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Flower Throw Wooden Slat Wall Art

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Add a touch of urban flair to your home or office decor with this stunning wooden wall art piece. Featuring artwork design on a series of reclaimed wood slats, this piece is both rustic and modern, making it the perfect addition to any space.
  • 👀 Unique and Eye-Catching: The street art-inspired design on a series of reclaimed wood slats makes this wooden wall art piece truly one-of-a-kind and sure to stand out in any space.

  • 🛠 Handmade and High-Quality: Crafted by hand using carefully selected wood slats, this piece is made with attention to detail and built to last.
  • 🖼 Versatile and Stylish: With its rustic yet modern design, this wooden wall art piece can be easily incorporated into a variety of decor styles and will add a touch of urban flair to any room.

  • 👨‍🎨Thought-Provoking Art: Street art is known for its striking imagery and thought-provoking messages, making this wooden wall art piece not only beautiful, but also intellectually engaging.

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Multi Panels overall size includes 1" space between each panel.